Will Nate Diaz Shock The World Again?

Nate Diaz is set to step away from submissions and head kicks, as he prepares for his first professional boxing match against the always-controversial Jake Paul. Diaz is no stranger to controversy himself, of course, but he will have to show a different string to his bow when he steps into the squared circle for the first time.

Dallas, Texas, will be the place to be on August 5th, with what has been named ‘Ready 4 War’ sure to bring all combat sports fans to a standstill.

Can Diaz Actually Box?

This is the first time that we will see a more measured approach to fighting by the MMA veteran, but as the Paul vs Diaz odds of +250 suggest, he will have his work cut out against his more experienced rival. Diaz has spent a career playing the underdog, however, and he will be confident that he can upset the odds once again.

With the chance of being hit with a sucker punch at any stage, betting on boxing can be a tricky affair, but Paul is currently the -300 favorite. This is perhaps no surprise given the difference in boxing know-how, but Diaz is no forlorn hope if he can master a boxing mindset. That, of course, is a big if.

Diaz is a veteran of the octagon, and as such, he has mastered all of the attributes that it takes to be successful in the sport. The California native is known as having one of the strongest chins in the history of MMA and regularly takes a beating early in his matches before finishing hot and heavy on his leg-weary foes.

Unfortunately for Diaz, this rarely works in a boxing ring. Yes, the 38-year-old won’t have to worry about takedowns or head kicks, but he will have to work on his guard to stop Jake Paul’s powerful blows from getting through.

An expert submission artist, Diaz has also shown that he can throw bombs when the time is right, but in boxing those perfectly timed punches have to be much more measured.

Another thing that may go against him is his inability to keep his emotions in check from time to time. Boxing is not a sport where you can let your temper take over, as opponents such as Paul, are trained to pick off wild attacks with some deadly counters.

How Good Is Jake Paul?

For all the knocking and goading that Paul takes for his boxing career, the social media influencer has actually developed into a skilled fighter. He is strong defensively, a clever counterpuncher, and, as we have seen when knocking down Tommy Fury last time, he does pack a punch.

This is probably the biggest match of Paul’s fledgling boxing career thus far, as his split decision loss to Fury has put him in a delicate position. If he can beat Diaz his career is back on track, but a defeat to a veteran MMA star would be a big blow to the chances of the Youtuber getting to where he wants to be.

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