PFL Europe 2 Weigh-In Results

The PFL Europe Bantamweight and Lightweight tournaments kick off in Berlin, Germany on July 8th live on DAZN.

Three Irish athletes will compete in the tournament with John Mitchell and Dylan Tuke set to compete it the lightweight bracket. Frans Mlambo will compete for the $100,000 grand prize in the bantamweight bracket.

See the weigh-in results below.

Bantamweight – Francesco Nuzzi (135.3) vs. Farbod Iran Nezhad (135.7)

Bantamweight– Mokhtar Benkaci (136.5)* vs. Khurshed Kakhorov (135.8)

Flyweight– Lorena Cubero (125.5) vs. Griet Eeckhout (125.4)

Bantamweight– Frans Mlambo (135.8) vs. Racid Haz (136.3)*

Bantamweight– Ali Taleb (135) vs. Kenji Bortoluzzi (134.8)

Lightweight– John Mitchell (155.7) vs. Geysim Derouiche (155.9)

Lightweight – Aleksandr Chizov (155.6) vs. Acoidan Duque (159.1)*

Bantamweight – Lewis McGrillen-Evans (136) vs. Amrali Saydoshurov (135.5)

Lightweight – Connor Hughes (155.5) vs. Dylan Tuke (155)

Lightweight – Maxim Radu (155) vs. Jakub Kaszuba (156)

Lightweight – Anatolij Baal (154.3) vs. Sebas Santana Guedes (154.7)

Women’s Featherweight – Christina Breuer (143.9) vs. Ruby Mesu (145.4)

*missed contracted weight – give up 20% of their purse to opponent

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