Could boxing great Canelo Alvarez one day enter the octagon?

The worlds of combat sports have regularly intertwined over the years. The likes of UFC great Conor McGregor have been known to switch the octagon for the boxing ring and vice versa. 

Boxer Holly Holm was on top of the world with her world welterweight title belt, and she went on to star in the UFC where she became one of the greatest female fighters. She became a champion at the bantamweight level and is one of a few rare examples of boxing champions who went on to achieve major success in MMA.

While it is tough for boxers to make the transition to UFC, there are some candidates that stand out. Canelo Alvarez is one and his case is especially interesting due to social media feuds with several octagon regulars in the past. 

Canelo is currently focused on boxing

For now, the Mexican is focused on his boxing career, in which he will face Jermell Charlo next in defense of his undisputed champion status. In the Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermell Charlo odds, the former is a heavy favorite at -400.

He has dominated the boxing world over the past decade, and few have been able to stop him. Boxing betting suggests Charlo has a very small chance of making any impact in the fight offered at +275 to secure a remarkable upset. 

Social media feud’s with UFC stars

Canelo has had social media exchanges with the likes of Conor McGregor and Kamari Usman in the past, with both having suggested they would be willing to fight the Mexican legend.

McGregor has already been defeated in the ring by Floyd Mayweather Jr. He would surely be making a mistake to again enter the ring against a genuine great of boxing. Perhaps if McGregor and Canelo were to advance their exchanges into official combat, they could meet in the Octagon rather than the ring.

In the ring, Canelo would undoubtedly defeat the Irishman comfortably, but in the Octagon, Canelo’s powerful striking and immense strength could be tested against McGregor’s advantage in athleticism. 

Facing Usman would be another exciting and challenging prospect for the Mexican. Usman is a strong striker who could provide an explosive matchup with Canelo. The boxing champion would certainly require significant training before entering the octagon against a huge name in the UFC, but he has been reported to be a keen wrestler based on his training sessions in the past. 

A likeness for grappling and devastating striking could well make Canelo an ideal candidate to make an exhibition appearance in the octagon in the future. 

Canelo should meet UFC greats one way or another

Regardless of whether the Mexican meets some of UFC’s biggest stars inside the octagon or within more familiar territory in the ring, the boxing great will undoubtedly meet some of mixed martial arts greatest talents in the coming years.

The rumors of Canelo Alavez vs Conor McGregor will not go away, and a fight with the legendary Nate Diaz is another that has been touted many times.

Regardless, Canelo’s boxing legacy is secured, and perhaps he could seek to compete in a fresh sport in the future. Or at least welcome some of the UFC’s most popular fighters into the ring for one-off contests, which would surely prove a popular with casual and hardcore fans alike.

Severe MMA Staff

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