4 Ways to Bet on UFC

For all the MMA fans reading this: you’ll be happy to learn that betting on the UFC has never been easier. In 2022, millions of UFC-related bets have already been placed. As the year continues – and more UFC events take place – the number will only continue to rise. This is especially true when you consider the return of Connor McGregor, who is expected to fight again over the coming months. After all, he has already stated, his UFC story is “far from over!” 

So, What’s the Deal with UFC Betting? 

When it comes to UFC betting, you can bet using one of the following:

  • A sportsbook website
  • A sportsbook app 
  • An in-person betting store 

Whether you’re a beginner or pro, you should start by taking a look at the current UFC predictions. This will give you an idea surrounding fight favorites as well as the amount of money you would see returned for successful bets. 

The Different Types of UFC Bets

As you probably expected, there are many different types of UFC bets, and some are more complicated than others. Here are the four most popular types of bets that you need to know about:

  1. Moneyline

You can’t get simpler than a moneyline bet. It’s a case of simply choosing which fighter you think will be victorious. 

Let’s say that Connor McGregor returns to face Charles Oliveira. If you think that Connor McGregor will win, you can place a moneyline bet of your chosen amount (e.g., $5 for Connor McGregor to win). 

If McGregor turned out to be the winner, you would receive your money back as well as the winnings that come with the successful bet (winnings are dependent on the odds you bet on). 

  1. Method of Victory

Next, you can bet on the method of victory. In the UFC, fighters can win in various ways, from TKO to submission. Think carefully, as these types of bets are slightly riskier. 

  1. Round Picks

In a classic UFC match, there are three five-minute rounds (in title fights, this is extended to five five-minute rounds, instead). 

Naturally, this means you can pick and choose individual rounds that you think a specific fighter will win or lose. For example, you might want to bet that a certain fighter will win in the second round. 

  1. Go the Distance

‘Go the distance’ bets are also very popular with UFC fans. When you bet on a fight to ‘go the distance,’ it means that all of the rounds will take place without stoppage.

Only 29% of UFC fights go the distance (Bleacher Report), which makes this type of bet a little riskier compared to others. However, if you’re confident that a particular fight will go the distance and be decided by the judges, then you should place a bet with confidence!


Whether you’ve recently joined the UFC world or have been a diehard fan for several years, you now know exactly how to place bets on the fights. When you do, make sure to gamble responsibly.

Severe MMA Staff

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