5 Fastest Knockouts In UFC History

Half of us love a fight that is grueling and forces the fighters to endure pain and brain fog, while the other half want to see the fighter break the UFC odds and smash their opponent in seconds.

Today we want to celebrate those powerful one-two punches and remember the “blink and you’ll miss it” fights.

Jorge Masvidal Vs Ben Askren – 5 Seconds

On July 6th, 2020 Jorge Masvidal knocked out Ben Askren in just 5 seconds. The bell rang, and the two fighters steadily bounced towards each other ready to dodge, weave and hit in a long fight. But Masvidal made a surprise change in pace, kneeing Askren in the face.

The hit was so hard that Askren was instantly knocked out. His body locked into the hit position, and Masvidal was trapped between his neck and shoulder. They both fell to the ground, but Askren didn’t move.

Unaware of what had happened, Masvidal continued to punch Askren in the face until a referee intervened. Only then did Masvidal realize that he one-hit his opponent, and created the fastest knockout in UFC history.

Since then Askren has claimed that Masvidal’s hit was a lucky one, but looking at his mixed martial arts history, Masvidal has won a match through a knockout 16 times. There is no denying his power.

Duane Ludwig Vs Jonathan Goulet – 6 Seconds

The Ludwig vs Goulet fight was a true “blink and you’ll miss it moment” as the knockout impact was as quick as the recovery time. 

If the two hadn’t spent a couple of seconds dancing around each other, they could have taken the number one spot. But just like with Masvidal and Askren, neither expected the fight to be so quick. They spent the beginning bouncing on the balls of their feet and figuring out each other’s stance. Goulet managed to land 2 hits on Ludwig, but in doing so opened himself up to a returning strike.

One hit was all it took, and Goulet fell to the ground, head first. From the second impact, Goulet woke himself back up and put himself on his knees, but the damage had been done.

If you hadn’t seen the impact, it would be easy to wonder why the men weren’t fighting anymore.

Terrance McKinney Vs Matt Frevola – 7 Seconds

Terrance McKinney’s first-ever match with the UFC was on June 12, 2021. He had entered the lightweight division and was prepared to fight against Frank Camacho. However, Camacho was out with an injury.

McKinney’s first real match was with a replacement – Matt Frevola. Frevola’s first UFC fight was in 2018, and although he didn’t fight often, he was known to win. 

McKinney had a lot against him due to the change in the lineup. His strategy had to change for Frevola. 

The beginning felt like two people flailing sticks at each other, as both Frevola and McKinney have arms that are much too long. Frevola couldn’t land a hit, but, although Mc Kinney’s first strike missed, his second hit.

Instantly Frevola fell to the ground, but McKinney went back for more. The referee had to drag McKinney away, as he punched Frevola awake again.

It was a debut like no other.

Todd Duffee Vs Tim Hague – 7 Seconds

The Todd Duffee Vs Tim Hague fight wasn’t a one-hit masterpiece like the others above. This fight was 7 seconds of pure power beating down on Hague like a God.

Well, that’s one side of the story anyway. We think the referee made a bad decision, and Hague was knocked out twice. 

On Duffee’s first hit, Hague went down like a sack of potatoes, but the referee allowed the fight to continue. Following the ref’s command, Duffee climbed on top of the quickly awakening Hague and laid 6 more punches to the head.

The last punch of those 6 was enough to knock Hague out cold. The referee couldn’t deny it this time.

Duffee laid in one more punch before the ref shielded Hague. 

No one can deny it, the fight was quick and Todd Duffee came out on top. Unfortunately, 8 years later Hague passed away due to boxing-related injuries sustained in 2017.

Chan Sung Jung Vs Mark Hominick – 7 Seconds

Our last fight which ended in a blink of an eye was the match between Chan Sung Jung and Mark Hominick. CSJ dodged out of MH’s way when he threw the first punch, then powered forward hitting MH straight in the jaw. 

The force was so strong that MH fell to the ground instantly. Again the ref didn’t call it, so CSJ crawled on top of his opponent, and hit him 7 more times before the ref finally stepped in.

In our opinion, the fight wasn’t 7 seconds long, it was much shorter.


Other knockouts were officially just as quick as the one above, but when we take the ref’s slow movement out of the equation, these 5 stand out as true quick fists. 

Power, technique, and quick movement are what you need to complete a knockout, and these fights have all three.

Severe MMA Staff

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