How to Liven Up Fight Night When You’re Watching from Home

In the world of boxing, there’s nothing more exciting than fight night. 

Over recent years, there have been some true classics, from the Tyson and Wilder trilogy to the Canelo vs. Golovkin rematch from 2018. 

Of course, most fight fans watch the action from their homes. After all, boxing tickets are expensive, especially if you want to sit close to the ring. 

When watching a fight from home, there are lots of different ways you can improve the experience. If you want to learn how exactly you can do this, make sure to try the tips and tricks below. 

  1. Try some online gambling 

Boxing fans love to gamble and place bets on the sport’s results – it’s part of the culture. Even professional boxers like to place bets from time to time. In fact, who could forget when Floyd Mayweather attempted to bet $400,000 that he would beat Conor McGregor within 9.5 rounds? Unfortunately, the authorities stopped Floyd from betting on one of his own fights – but he is known to enjoy betting on other fights that he isn’t involved in. 

It’s not just betting on sports that professional boxers enjoy; they also like trips to the casino. So, when you’re watching some boxing from your home, you can add some extra fun and entertainment to the evening by doing some online gambling in an online casino game. As a starting point, take a look at the best-rated websites at Top Australian Gambling to ensure you get the most out of your experience. 

  1. See what the conversation is like on Twitter

#BoxingTwitter is a very entertaining community to be part of during fight night. During this time, everyday fans, as well as boxing pundits, will tweet their opinions out for other people to see – some of which will go viral. 

If you’re a passionate boxing fan, it’s recommended that you tweet your opinions out, too. After all, if you’ve got something to say, you should let your followers know! Plus, if your boxing takes are good, you’ll gain new followers. 

  1. Invite your friends over to join you 

Watching boxing is fun – but it’s even more fun when your friends are with you. 

Providing your friends live close by, you should invite them over on fight night. When you do this, you can put some music in the background and really make the most of the experience. Even if some of your friends aren’t boxing fans, they’ll still have a good time. 

Also, if you don’t want to make your house a mess, you and your friends can go to a local bar instead. Remember, most bars show PPV boxing bouts when they’re taking place, which also saves you the hassle of having to pay to watch the fights. 

  1. Order some food during the undercard bouts

Most of the time, undercard bouts are incredibly boring. This is why it’s a good idea to use the undercard as an opportunity to order something to eat, whether it’s from Uber Eats or a nearby restaurant. 

Pro tip: Don’t order food during the first round of the main event, as it will show up after the fight is finished!

  1. Invest in a better setup 

Lastly, you can liven up the experience by investing in a better setup. If you combine a 4K TV monitor with a high-quality soundbar, you’ve got the perfect duo for fight night. On top of this, make sure you have comfortable seating, as boxing fight nights usually go on for a long time. 

Severe MMA Staff

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