Molly McCann is getting better with age and will rule the women’s flyweight division

Molly McCann is, at times, seen as the support act to the Paddy Pimblett show. Indeed, the Liverpool duo are virtually inseparable and have been making headlines in the Octagon since September 2021. In Pimblett’s case, he is being tipped to be the next face of the company which subsequently means that he’s now one of the biggest sporting names around the globe.

Being the poster boy for the famous Ultimate Fighting Championship is, after all, a title that will ensure that Pimblett stays in the spotlight for the foreseeable future. In some ways, it is Pimblett’s recent stardom and rise to fame that has unintentionally taken away from McCann’s own prowess on fight night.

The truth, however, is that McCann is just as box office and appears to be getting better with age. You only need to look back on the 32-year-old’s last two wins to better appreciate just how clinical she has become when the pressure is on after she executed two faultless spinning elbows to knock out both of her recent opponents.

It’s important to keep in mind that this is a finishing move and it’s supremely difficult to win a fight with it, despite its enormous potential when effectively carried out. It is, if you will, the million-dollar finish, seldomly done with the authority needed to send an opponent to the canvas. In most cases, fighters will encounter a forearm that blocks it or a switched-on opponent that gets well out of harm’s way long before the elbow arrives like a sledgehammer.

McCann, however, is making it look easy. She now has two consecutive knockouts to her name courtesy of the dangerous spinning elbow. This is testament to the improvements she has made over the last three years, and at 32, the future looks brighter than ever. Fans can expect to see McCann fighting late into her thirties.

It is something of a phenomenon in the women’s division of the UFC that fighters are able to keep going when most other sporting codes would see them long retired. A good example of this trend is the upcoming UFC 280 where Amanda Lemos and Marina Rodriguez will square up in one of the headline fights despite both being 35. In addition to that, the latest odds supplied by Bodog price Lemos at +125 and Rodriguez at -175 and could make it the best site for sports betting online when it comes to UFC. These odds suggest that there is nothing between the pair which is another telling indication that fighters in this division get better with age and are still able to draw in a sizeable audience.

McCann could be the ultimate example of this theme and it’s entirely possible that the Liverpudlian goes on to enjoy a lengthy stay at the business end of the flyweight division. The 32-year-old has found a wave of momentum thanks to a backbreaking shift in the gym over the last year and is set to reap the rewards of her pursuit of excellence.

Severe MMA Staff

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